Saturday, June 27, 2009

Customer Acquisition Specialist

Other people would describe it as a B2B Sales position, but I like to think of it as a Customer Acquisition Specialist. Why?

Because the main goal of this position is to bring in new customers. To close one sale per week.

To do this you will have to give them product training. Also, a specific territory to hunt in. They will need a sales engineer for some support, collateral, business cards, forms, contracts, and a laptop with a office suite and CRM. (Ideally, you will have all this waiting on Day 1 -- or you are wasting money.

On-boarding a new employee is where you can either get the new employee excited about the company - or start him off on the wrong foot. No desk. No one to orientate him. No business cards. He feels slighted on Day 1.

Of course, he or she will need to provide some skills and tools of their own, like time management skills (so they aren't driving 30 miles per day between appointments, wasting gas and time); a devoted sales process, because it demonstrates that they know how to sell; CRM savvy because you want to monitor the sales activity, the funnel, sales revenue, contacts, etc. regularly. Read BearonBusiness for ways to do this).

The candidate will also understand the value of networking, relationships, referrals, and open ended Questions.

I have them answer one question along with their resume. No answer means no consideration.

See an example of a job listing here.

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