Monday, June 08, 2009

Are You Using Newsletters?

Are you staying in front of your customers on a regular basis? Are you sending out a newsletter every month? I don't mean an advertisement or a press release, I mean a NEWS letter.

If not, RAD-INFO, Inc. has something to help you.

okay, first you need a platform to send out the newsletter. I suggest one of the following:

  1. iContact
  2. Constant Contact
  3. MailChimp
  4. Aweber.

Here's a 2009 Email Marketing Services Product Comparison. I used to use Constant Contact mainly because the software allows me to track the results. By that I mean, CC allows me to see the following:

  • who opened the newsletter,
  • which link was clicked
  • when was it opened
  • are there any email addresses bouncing

So you picked a platform. Next you need your email list of customers AND some prospects. Upload the list.

Use the platform's template to create a newsletter. I have an example of one here. It's not a beautifully designed piece. It was quick and dirty to give you the idea to put buttons in each corner that have Calls to Action, coupons, referral contests, contact info, an about section, etc.

The story of the month: that you can buy from RAD-INFO. I have a couple of profession writers to create content that is a good read for the general public. Every month you will get a general IT/Internet topic. The first 3 are: Spyware, Back-up and Windows Update. You also get a Cool Site of the Month and a Tip of the Month.

Sign up for the Marketing by Newsletter today!

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Peter Radizeski said...

Here are some tips on Marketing to your Customers via a newsletter.
(In case you missed this blog post:

# 1. First off, are you send a monthly newsletter?
If Yes: Good for you!
If No: Let me help:
Why? To stay top of mind to your customers.
To look like an Expert.
To sell them more services.

# 2: Next step: tell your sales person that he is going to need to interview one customer a month for the newsletter.

Five reasons to visit your customers:

# 3. Someone is going to be responsible for putting the newsletter together once a month. Customer Service person?

# 4. If you don't have an in-house email marketing platform, sign up with Constant Contact, iContact or Mail Chimp, because they can track utilization of the newsletter.

# 5. Take the article, tip of the month and website of the month from my service and put it in the newsletter template.

# 6. Add your logo and contact info. Use a consistent color scheme.

# 7. Add the client interview.

# 8. Add a promotion or sale or announcement like Sign Up this week for Backup at a 20% Discount! Mention code: newsletter

# 9. Final touch: The Headline - spam filters and readers will ignore anything that sales Newsletter.
An idea for a headline would be: Chamber President Talks Economy (if you interviewed the Chamber president)
Another: Local Doctor Says Phones Ring Too Much

# 10. Email it and track the analytics.