Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's It Gonna Take?

I'm reading Jon Spoelstra's book, Marketing Outrageously.In chapter 2, he asks, "What's it gonna take?" In every department, you should be asking, "What would it take to make this the # 1 telecom sales office in the state?" Because Spoelstra spent his career in the NBA, his example is "What would it take to have the best team in the NBA?" The answer could be a new Michael Jordan and Scottie Pipin. But the answer needs to get to the heart of the problem with a sky is the limit thinking. What would it take for your VoIP Company to have 100,000 customers? Ordering, Sales, Marketing, Provisioning, Billing, BSS/OSS, Agent Channel, etc. Make that list and get going doing the best you can to fill it.

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