Monday, May 04, 2009

Video Surveillance

Broadband deployment and 3G have opened up some great opportunities. M2M is one opportunity. Machine-to-machine talking is happy to have 3G (and WiMax). Now remote monitoring of equipment can be done from almost anywhere - as long as there is either cellular service or wi-fi coverage.

The other area that is opening up is IP Video Surveillance. The cameras vary from inexpensive to heavy duty expensive. The recording equipment is now digital (DVR) and can be remote (network based) or local. There is even software for motion detection to start recording. There are cameras with flash memory to hold a certain amount of recording before pushing it to the DVR. It has become affordable for any business.

'Instead of requiring constant monitoring, IP video can be tied to and triggered by specific events, such as the detection of motion after business hours or doors being opened. SMB owners can be alerted by such events and quickly view the video immediately surrounding them." [telephony]

Oh, almost forgot, there's an iPhone app for that monitoring too. Away from home? Want to check on the nanny cam and kids? Pull up the video on the iPhone.

Video Revolution is coming. Will you make a little money off it? Or miss this opp?

The other side of the coin in Video is Desktop Video-conferencing. It helps sell big pipe bandwidth. It helps sell new handsets and webcams. It helps to monitor and collaborate with a virtual office team. Here's What CIOs Need To Know about Desktop Video Conferencing. (And what you should be lecturing to local CIO's who will look to you as the expert if you position yourself that way.

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