Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Verizon Intros Customer Concierge Services

Verizon Intros Customer Concierge Services

Re-printing TMCnet here:

Verizon has announced the introduction of its latest service, ‘Operator By Appointment’ that allows customers and in particular business people who may not have the time to update or remember to enter important phone numbers, addresses and other contact details, to call a Verizon operator and request that select information be disclosed and recorded for future reference. ... "Scheduling time with a LiveSource operator is a cost-effective way to ensure that customer lists are current, which can save businesses and organizations time and money,” said Ellen Kelly, Executive Director of Customer Service, Verizon LiveSource. “And by speaking directly to our experienced, well-trained operators, businesses are able to obtain this critical information as quickly as possible."

This is a lot like Landslide. Landslide is a CRM with live sales assistance that integrates into your sales process. But that's kind of what VZ is trying here.

Jitterbug phone service offers this level of customer care for its highly targeted boomer cell phone service. Big keys on a flip phone that basically is just a phone. Call in to have phone numbers added to your address book.

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