Thursday, May 07, 2009

News on my Desktop

Between my Twitter feed and my Google Reader filled with blogs, here's the highlights of 3 hours of reading tonight.

Crisis and Social Media - how to use social media to survive and give customer service when your data center melts down.

Are Most of Your Customers Profitable? Harvard Business Review has an article about how most clients are not profitable. (Remember Sprint firing customers?) "The fly in the ointment is that typically only 20% of a firm's customers are actually profitable. And many — often most — of a company's profitable customers are not loyal." Pareto works every where.

Looking for Stimulus Dollar Help? Call Westcon - Westcon Helps VARs Target ARRA Funds

IP Surveillance - trust me on this, like backup, this is a money maker. VAR's see it. Why don't you?

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