Friday, May 29, 2009

Big Announcement!

The long awaited Newsletter service is now launched!

The details are here. You should be contacting your customers every month by Newsletter. It's tough to put out a newsletter monthly. (Each one used to take me 5-6 hours to write). We are going to help you. Every month you will receive one professionally written (private label rights) article on a topic related to IT or Internet. You will also be supplied with a Tip of the Month and a Cool Site of the Month to help fill that newsletter out.

As an added bonus, you will also have access to a monthly one-hour tele-seminar at a reduced rate. For example, the next tele-seminar is next Friday, June 5th at 3 PM Eastern time about Direct marketing Today. (Details here.) Non-members will pay $29 - members will pay just $9.95! - save $19 off the bat. And you get a copy of the call on MP3 to download the following month, which non-members will not get.

You get all of this for just $49 per month.

Sign up for Marketing by Newsletter today! And register for the Direct Marketing call now!

Don't Miss Out!

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