Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What's Going on at 2323 Bryan?

There's certainly something shady going down in Dallas. According to CBS, DSLReports, and the FBI warrant.

It appears that despite the claims of Core IP Networks' CEO that the FBI raided due to alleged fraud.

I have been in telecom 10 years and I have seen lots of shell game play where the "client" has many companies. This takes the cake. It's also a warning to those not paying the RBOC's.

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Peter Radizeski said...

Two more articles about this: http://is.gd/roWj- and http://is.gd/2MxE-

A colleague wrote in to say, "So something else to talk about in the diversity vs redundancy discussions with a client?"

That would be true EXCEPT that the customers here were cheap and probably wanted the least expensive plans - that's why they were with a scammer.

Buyer Beware: You get what you pay for AND you don't get what you DON'T pay for.