Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So You Want to Do IPTV

As most of my readers know, I think IPTV is a giant waste of resources. It's cheaper to do broadcast TV - if you HAVE to provide the triple-play. And I haven't seen too much that differentiates IPTV from Broadcast TV. Maybe I missed it.

The hardest part about IPTV is getting content rights. Hard enough to get regular broadcast rights, but IPTV is special.

I have clients who own cable systems. There isn't much ROI on upgrading the HFC plant from analog to digital or fiber, especially when you include the $400 set-top box and the $99 cable modem.

Any way, I know a few of you still want to add that third rail, so here are a few things I have seen:

  • CSI Digital provides turn-key IPTV systems.
  • According to BBP, "Two new upscale Simmons Vedder properties in Houston are using DIRECTV’s MFH3 solution to provide bulk video and Internet services to residents."
  • DISH Network is at the Broadband Summit pimping their PCO system. That's private cable operators for hotel/resort/condo/MDU.
  • Can't decide DTV or DISH for PCO? Call SMSTV - they do both.

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AzGfx said...

SMS - http://www.smstv.com/ Are an awesome group! Ask for Margaret B. She knows everything about Dish Information