Monday, April 06, 2009

Is BelAir Just a WISP?

This TMCnet article describes what BelAir is doing these days as a business model. BelAir used to be a Wireless Hardware company. Now,

"BelAir attributed this sustained growth to its success in installation, testing, setting up and handing of significant Wi-Fi projects for major Cable Operators, Telecommunications Service Providers, Safety, Security and Defense markets.... The company also said that its global presence coupled with widespread and diverse service offerings such as high-performance video surveillance networks, enterprise level WLAN and public Wi-Fi hotspot solutions have also contributed to its growth since customers find almost every type of related solution available with a single vendor.... Service providers have recognized a significant market in Multi Dwelling Units such as apartment blocks and condominiums since people are moving away from single ownership premises and migrating to clustered units."

Although BelAir will be the service provider's service provider, it looks like they did the move from Hardware to Service (WISP) like IBM, UPS and others. You have to sell services - and solve problems - today to make money.

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