Saturday, April 25, 2009

Don't be an Ant

ISP's wonder how the Embarq-CenturyTel merger will affect the Embarq DSL program. My best guess is that there will be no change for about a year, then it will morph into the less ISP-friendly CTEL program. My advice to all Embarq DSL ISP's: Make a Plan NOW for when it all changes because any plan will take time. Possible plans: become a CLEC and provide your own DSL; go WiMax; or go to Layer 7 to enable other streams of revenue that are agnostic of the access line like Hosted Email (Gmail anyone?), backup, SAAS and Managed Desktop. Leverage the cash flow from your existing business NOW to go to Plan B.

Advice from Dave: He wakes up in the morning ... Never changes a thing. The week ends the week begins... And all the little ants are marching. Red and black antennas waving, They all do it the same, They all do it the same way.

Don't be an Ant!

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