Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cypress Buys Reignmaker Assets

From the press release I cannot tell how many customers Cypress Comm. bought from Reignmaker. (Reignmaker's credit line was tied to Standford, the money raider who left zero dollars in the back for Reignmaker to draw on). The release states, Reignmaker "boasted over 11,000 business VoIP installations since its inception." So in 9 years it turned on 11,000 locations, but how many are still there? How many customers is that?

Reignmaker used to rely on CommX in Tampa for its Broadsoft back-office, but a couple of years ago, Reignmaker bought an Atlanta area CLEC that owned a Broadsoft softswitch. Now Cypress has it.

Cypress is a funny company. It was focused on MTU for a long time. This must signal that it is chasing any business now. This purchase leaves them with an expensive mix of platforms:

Cypress will integrate the BroadWorks platform into its national VoIP network to expand its service offering and position it to more easily integrate future acquisitions. With the addition of the Broadworks platform to the Cypress existing Nortel-based switching platforms and the Microsoft OCS platform that is rolling out later this year, Cypress will have deployed the broadest array of best-in-breed VoIP and unified communications infrastructure in the industry.

The EVP of Marketing for Cypress writes a blog for TMC (me too). He calls the company offering UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). I have no idea.

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