Friday, March 20, 2009

What Am I Doing Tuesday?

It's such a good question: What Am I Doing Tuesday? I'll actually be at the FISPA Meeting in Orlando moderating 2 sessions.

One is CLEC Therapy, where I, Jason Hunt and Kris Twomey are going to pull 2 companies out of the audience and run through their strategy.

  1. what they are doing;
  2. who they are targeting;
  3. what are they selling;
  4. how are they selling;
  5. is there a marketing plan/calendar;
  6. is their a USP or marketing message

The lucky two companies actually get a full consulting session out of the three of us.

The other panel is How to Sell B2B VoIP with VOX, PBX-Change and Kinex. We will discuss the sales process for selling digital voice services to a small business with between 7 and 17 handsets.

If you are attending, please let me know - twitter, email or phone 813-496-2122.

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