Monday, March 16, 2009

NTIA Disbursement

Gary Kim explains the rules on the NTIA disbursement of funds on TMCnet. All interested parties should read it.

Will NTIA Actually be Deciding Who Gets Broadband Stimulus Grants?

Highlights include:

  • It is not yet clear that many "for profit" companies will be allowed to bid...
  • The statute directs NTIA to seek state advice on how funds should be spent in each of the respective states. The statute does not bind NTIA to follow those suggestions.
  • in time for disbursement of a third of the funds by this summer
  • defining what an "underserved" area is will be highly contentious.
  • But NTIA also is directed to favor projects that provide educational or employment opportunities using broadband access/deployment/infrastructure;
  • Projects must show that they would not be undertaken but for the grant. But such projects also should show how they increase affordability of or subscriber-ship to, broadband to the greatest populations.
  • Projects that offer high broadband speeds also will be favored, as well as projects that enhance healthcare, or serve education or children.

Great work by Gary.

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