Friday, March 27, 2009

How to Deliver High-Speed

Dave Rusin, CEO of AFS, is mad about the Broadband Stimulus bill, but he does point out all of the interesting ways that High-Speed Internet Access is being delivered:

  • Fujitsu just announced an LTE wireless platform capable of delivering 120 megabits per second. It can go as high as 300 megabits at 20Mhz.
  • Ericsson just announced a VDSL2 platform that boasts 500 megabits over twisted copper pairs using a vectorized noise canceling technology.
  • Charter Communications is delivering 60 megabits per second over DOCSIS 3.0 technology.
  • Ethernet-over-copper a favorite of XO Communications delivering between 5 megabits up to 88 megabits per second.
  • WiMax platforms delivering 180 megabits today, with greater expansion as the 700MHz licenses come on board for deployment
  • An interesting satellite, WiMax and wi-fi model from CTC (St. Louis) and AlphaStar International to deliver 4G bandwidth speeds by low cost radios to anywhere in rural America. The satellites are a holdover from the Reagan Star Wars initiatives which are in place for back haul today.

Notice that BPL is not on the list. And as an ISP you need to be looking at ways that YOU can deliver this -- not resell it.

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