Thursday, February 26, 2009

March 23 Impact Session

On March 23, I will be doing a 2 hour session before the FISPA Meeting. It will be for 20 people only at $69 per person. There will be 3 topics:

  • Streams of Revenue - how can you add one or two new streams of revenue?
  • Does Direct Marketing Still Work?
  • How to Upsell Your Current Clients
Why all the sales and marketing talk? Because you already have most of the technical stuff down pat. You have been offering DSL or wireless or T1 for years. Have you actively been marketing it? Are you out selling VoIP, managed services, back-up, Metro E, SAAS, security, hosting, hot dogs? If not, why not?

Why am I calling it an Impact Session? Because I am trying to Impact how you look at your business and your revenue.

We will brain-storm on some other revenue streams for 30 minutes, then we will talk about Marketing for 30 minutes. We will end with about 30 minutes on upselling followed by a Q&A. Just $69 for 2 hours.

AND if you register by March 6 at midnight, you get a PDF copy of my book SELLECOM with your registration. A $20 value up front. You can't beat that!

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