Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ESPN360 Failure

Have you tried ESPN60 lately? Go ahead. I'll wait.

At lunch today, Dylan pointed out that when you try to access the content, instead of a USER sign-up, there is a big red box that pops up and explains that you need ISP access:

How to Get Access to is available at no charge to fans who receive their high-speed internet connection from an affiliated internet service provider. is also available to fans that access the internet from U.S. college campuses and U.S. military bases.

Your current computer network falls outside of these categories. Here’s how you can get access to

  1. Switch to an affiliated internet service provider or to contact your internet service provider and request Click here to enter your ZIP code and find out which providers in your area carry offer
  2. If you already get at home and activated remote access, sign in using the myESPN link in the upper right hand corner. In order to activate remote access, you must sign in through your affiliate Internet Service Provider.
  3. For Verizon Customers Only: Sign-in using remote access if you already get

Didn't Disney learn anything from their 2 MVNO deals that failed in short measure? To mean ESPN has come to mean SportsCenter, bowling, lumberjack, and fishing. I can't even name an anchor and maybe two analysts - former Lightning hockey coach and former Buc QB (Trent Dilfer).,, - all stand to game from this stupid move.

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