Friday, January 23, 2009

Why Should the FCC Bet on Wireless

With all the debate about the Broadband Stimulus Bill going on, I wanted to put my thoughts out there about how we could do this without going crazy. Fixed Wireless.

Why is there a BBS Bill?

  • One reason: to spend money to stimulate the economy
  • Two: Broadband is becoming a utility.
  • Three: We have a service economy and don't manufacture JACK.
  • Four: The Internet spawns entrepreneurs which equals jobs.
  • Five: Jobs - people will need to build this Information Super Highway.
  • Six: It would help SMB, which is the Engine of Growth in the US.

Why Wireless?

I don't mean cellular either. I mean fixed wireless in the 2.4 GHz, 900 MHz, 5.x GHz ranges as well as 3650 MHz and hopefully some 700 MHz spectrum.

There are three proven ways to deliver sustainable broadband. Here are some quick pros and cons for each.


  • Pros: Big fat pipe; lasts a long time.
  • Cons: over $2K per home passed; very long install; long ROI;


  • Pros: DSL is easy to install; cheap CPE;
  • Cons: Distance limitations; relies on ILEC copper plant; licensing and expensive collocation costs for CLEC's.


  • Pros: quick to market; can be installed almost any where; fast ROI
  • Cons: bandwidth limitations; fairly expensive CPE;

Why pick wireless to help bridge the Digital Divide?

  • Relatively cheap.
  • Fast to market so quick results.
  • Big boost to many small businesses.
  • Fastest path to bridging the Digital Divide and still create tech jobs in America.

How to do it the easiest way?

Rebates for CPE in lieu of grants. Grants are an ordeal for both government and small business. Much easier to take the approach of the Digital TV Conversion because the system is in place already and kind of works.

In fact, MOTO, Alvarion and the other manufacturers should get behind this, because if they can get on the rebate program (like DTV converter boxes), that's more unit sales.

There could also be Tax credits or grants for re-training of workers for Installers, Technicians, etc. We need skilled workers. Only way is to re-train the unemployed that want to be re-trained.

Please note: I won't even get into the debate of how the Duopoly and the outgoing FCC Chairman has failed America with self-interest and greed.


Unknown said...

Will never makes too much sense for anyone in DC to be able to understand and roll out.

Peter Radizeski said...

House Panel Backs $3 Billion in Internet Stimulus
Bill would expand high speed and wireless access to remote and hard-to-serve locations (January 23, 2009) (or here