Friday, January 30, 2009

Why Cloud Computing Now?

Cloud Computing. Platform as a Service. Software as a Service. Virtualization. Why all this now?

One reason is compliance with regulations has increased the IT budget as well as the volume of data to be handled, stored, retrieved. Another reason is that the mobile workforce demands access to data, docs, email, etc. 24/7. A third reason might be that Skilled IT people who are stable employees are scarce.

SAAS and cloud computing make economic sense right now. IF you pick the right partner. What do I mean by that? Make certain that your partner is has some key traits:

  • well-funded
  • sound business plan
  • existing business continuity strategy
  • executing on a rigorous storage plan
  • skilled stable staff

One issue that will need to be examined by a qualified attorney, like Dave Snead, is how cloud computing effects the regulatory compliance issues some businesses face.

Lots to look at but the economics look good, especially now.

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