Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What Motivates Businesses to Move to VoIP?

Want a great question? What Motivates Businesses to Move to VoIP?

Most businesses move to Voice over IP (VoIP) on the belief the technology will save money over their current phone system. Research has shown that most small business (those with less than 50 employees) generally will not save much, if anything, by moving to Voice over IP. .... the real benefit companies gain from adopting VoIP technology comes from the increase in productivity and customer service. ... It is only after converting to a VoIP phone system and using the system for a while that companies begin to understand the potential offered by their new system.

One reason selling to Verticals works well with apps is that someone selling medical scheduling software gets to know the jargon and practices of its client base. The more familiar you are with the businesses you sell to, the better questions you can ask and the more often you can give anecdotal evidence of the benefits of your app.

VoIP is just an App. Hosted PBX, Conferencing, UC (unifed communications) - are all examples of software-as-a-service. VoIP is just another killer app.

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