Monday, January 19, 2009

Broadband Stimulus Update

Here's a few links to the details of the Broadband Stilumus Bill:

Obama's $6 Billion Broadband Plan includes $2.8B for RUS and NTIA for grants/loans. Line up now to do tons of paperwork before the Big Boys get their hands on it. In fact, Clearwire is looking for that hand-out now that its backers are writing off the investments in Clearwire.

Stimulus plan: $32B for smart grid, $6B for broadband. "$32 billion to transform the nation’s energy system “allowing for a smarter and better grid and focusing investment in renewable technology,” as well as $6 billion for bring broadband and wireless service – but of course the bill will almost certainly see substantial changes before it’s approved."

  • $6B for broadband and wireless services in under-served areas
  • $430M for small business loans
  • $650M to continue coupon program for DTV conversion
  • $20B to computerize health records

There's money there for ISP's and WISP's to grab at with a plan, especially in rural areas [Think Rural Healthcare].

Government’s $2 trillion economic bailout – Saved for now, pay much bigger price later? An NCSU Economist's view. Now I have been saying for some time that a service economy is not sustainable. Strip mall after big-box outlet after strip mall results in low-paying wages - not to mention what it does to traffic and the environment. Unless we train Americans for Knowledge worker positions, increase the pure research in the US, and jump-start renewable energy, it will take years to get out of this hole (not including the $10T National Debt). That's my editorial today.

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