Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let Me Know What You Are Doing

Lately, I have been writing more about sales, marketing and strategy, mainly because that is what my client projects are about. For those of you looking for more financial results from the carriers and tech stuff, Let Me Know What You Are Doing and What You Want to See! (If I know, I can write about it).

Let me give you an example: I interact with many folks in all facets of the game - VC, billing, install, CLEC, wireless, customer care, voice, data, IP, VoIP, UC, Hosted PBX, IAD's, routers, sales, channel, hiring, etc. One client was buying Meraki gear. Meraki recently changed its business model and upped the prices which affects YOUR business model. So thanks to Dane at Sonic.Net telling me about a Meraki replacement - Open Mesh - I was able to tell my client. He was happy!

"You never cease to steer our business with your knowledge. Six thousand in hardware instead of twenty five thousand will make getting this order a lot easier if these work. The radius authentication and branding was all I wanted from Meraki they're not wanting to provide w/o paying mucho bucks..... I ordered five units and one each of the accessories so we can resurvey [a customer site] with both Meraki and Open Mesh for side by side performance comparison. This could really change how we do things if they work out. As always, thank you very much.

I would just like to say Thank You to my Clients. I enjoy working with you - and I am constantly looking for ways to make you even more successful. Let me know what you work on and maybe I can give you a money saving tip (especially if you cannot get to conferences to network with others in the industry). Happy New Year! See you next year. [Sign up for the blog via a weekly newsletter! Sign up a friend!]

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