Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How Does Your Company Compare?

My pal, Jack, has been trying to find a hosting partner. He relates his experience with 2 different companies. Is this how your company reacts? I can honestly tell you that you should hire a Secret Shopper -- every one of you. Doesn't matter what kind of service provider you are - ISP, ITSP, CLEC, MSP, VOIP, or hosting company. CHECK!

I don't care if you don't get complaints or you think that everything is okay. Hire someone to prove it to you - a buddy, a relative, me -- but someone. Why? Do you want Jack writing about you? And twittering about it? And telling everyone how frustrated he is with you? That's what could happen.

How is your phone tree? Can someone actually talk to a human or find the right department or leave a message? Do you use Live Chat or IM? Do you have a Trouble Ticket System? What kind of written escalation process do you have in place? (My bet: None).

Many of you are shaking your heads or thinking "Whatever". I have more important things on my plate or this isn't my company.

Well, from my experience of talking to and calling service providers the last 9+ years, um, hire a secret shopper -- or you may find yourself the recipient of a Jack - on a blog; on DSL reports; on a review site; on Twitter.

Last point: What do you do to Retain the Customer?

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