Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Fastest Broadband in US is 781

PCMAG says that the best download speed in America is 781 kbps - in Nevada. Just barely past the FCC definition of Broadband (768k). "Satellite averaged just 145 kilobits per second (Kbps)." OUCH!

According to our results, the average cable service provider gets you online at 688 Kbps, while the average DSL lets you surf at just 469 Kbps—cable connections, on average, are 47 percent faster.

It's sad, really, especially as TWC and AT&T roll out tiered service to one town, Beaumont, TX. The Duopoly probably thinks if we had REAL broadband speeds we would really use our pipe.

Much like how our Auto Industry has been so selfish and couldn't fix itself to help our economic future, our Telecom Industry is going to let greed hamper future economic prosperity.

On the other hand, 781 kbps might be as fast as any server can send out a web page.

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