Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Telecom Sales Process Discussion

Not everyone has time to read blogs, but I would like to point out one blog that you should read lately: Bear on Business by Dan Caruso. Caruso was an exec at L3 and ICG, raised some money and started Zayo and Envysion. Envysion is a Managed Video as a Service company (don't ask). Zayo is a fiber play with divisions that sell Ip and VoIP -- so a small Level3. (I'm simplifying).

Lately, Caruso is writing about the Sales Process and how has simplified it for Zayo. Also, how managing Churn and Sales Provisioning means Cash for the company. High concepts, I know, but things you should be thinking about.


Unknown said...

Hi. Dan (not Ron) Caruso is the author of The Bear On Business. Thanks!

Dan Caruso said...

Thanks for writing on this. In an market condition, operational finance is mission-critical to a telecom service provider. In the marcro-economic environment we are in, it will be a factor on which providers survive and thrive versus which ones stumble and get themselves in a dire condition.

I will continue to write on this topic in the coming weeks.

---Dan Caruso

Peter Radizeski said...

That's why slow payers and bad debt have to be handled FAST by service providers.

Also, that's why an Provider needs not only a ticketing system for repair issue tracking but also an order tracking system that integrates with billing.

Do you know how many companies provision but don't bill for months on end?