Monday, November 03, 2008 Enters Hosting is now actively looking for SMB websites to host - they have officially become a hosting company! (See here). That's not such a stretch really. But they say it is for business efficiency:

"The goal is to bridge the divide that exists in many businesses between Web operations and internal information technology, says Francis. Not only are the two often run by different groups, but more importantly data doesn’t always move freely between the Web site and a business’s systems.:

Makes sense, if you move to be a Trusted Advisor / Partner. They are looking to be a GoDaddy. SalesForce is looking to be the outsourced IT Integration system. "Move all of your apps, databases, and IT systems to us. We will help you use your data better." Be amazed if they can actually pull this off, since data mining is so hard for most companies.

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