Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moochers at ISPCON

This was a small ISPCON. Only 17 exhibitors. But how many vendors were there? Many more -- as per usual. Over the years, more and more vendors would by an exhibitor pass to roam the halls to sell to attendees. How do we fix that?

Digium's John Todd was a keynote and Tristan was a VoIP Panel Moderator. But no sponsorship at all (that I know of). Same with Google -- on 2 panels and not even a coffee sponsor. Redline and IKANO. Cogent's CEO spoke again - neither time has Cogent sponsored anything. That's kind of parasitic, don't you think?

I know the argument: Booths cost so much.

My reply: then you aren't seriously marketing your business and there were other options. If you can afford to send at least 2 folks from your company to the show to nose around for leads, then you should have chosen some level of sponsor - for the visibility and to assist the show financially to keep it a viable option for you to meet prospects and clients.

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