Wednesday, November 05, 2008

K-Martin's Future Awaits at AT&T

Discussing the gifts that VZ has been given by Kevin Martin's FCC today. We had to add the swift merger approval for the VZ CDMA land grab of Alltel. But then K-Mart decides to investigate VZ along with cablecos on pricing. (He is also investigating T-Mobile to see how much of it is foreign owned by DT/T-Systems. DUH! Deutsche Telekom bought VoiceStream in 2002! Vodaphone owns 45% of VZW).

After reading this TechDirt post, I think that K-Mart will be spending 2009 working in the Death Star (Ma Bell).

PS, if AT&T execs read this post: Go away! I'm not changing anything and I don't work for you! But Kevin Martin does.

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