Thursday, October 16, 2008

Top 4 Reasons to go to ISPCON

If you are coming to San Jose next month (Nov. 11-13 in San Jose) for ISPCON, we have a few surprises.

One: I have a free pass for someone who needs (deserves?) one.

Two: A Creative Dinner for 7 on Tuesday night. By creative, I mean we are going to talk about Marketing Campaigns.

Three: ISP-CEO moderated by Alex and I; John Todd and Donny Smith are the Keynotes; Get all of your Marketing Q's answered by Jack and I during The Marketing Spotlight; and Google will be on a panel I am moderating talking about How to Run a Channel.

Four: Live hockey! The Sharks are home Tuesday and Thursday night.

How do you get in on this excitement? Email me with why you should be included.

UPDATE: I should explain Item 2. I am gathering similar sized (and minded business owners) to have dinner and discuss Creative Marketing Ideas. You have to bring some ideas and you will get some ideas -- and some real world experience on what does and does not work. (PS: I am not picking up the check. I'm just gathering the Master Mind). More questions? drop me a line.

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