Thursday, October 09, 2008

Selling Circuits

As you know I am a sales agent for 20+ carriers. Moreso lately, ISP's want the cheapest possible circuit so they can re-sell it with margin to the client. Well, getting a CSA today for special pricing is difficult, but you can get a Volume and Term Agreement (if you bill $100K per month). So what are you left with?

Go to Layer 7 by Selling Managed Services.

  1. Managed Router.
  2. URL and Content Filtering so that employees aren't shopping, IM/chatting, job hunting all day on the employer's dime.
  3. Backup /Email Archiving / Back-up services.
  4. Manged Security like Intrusion Detection and Firewall.
  5. VPN is a value add on top of DIA (also known as Dedicated Internet Access or MIS).
  6. If the client has a Frame Relay network, upgrade that to MPLS (with me). That will likely mean an upgrade of the network gear, which is a chance to offer managed router services.

To compete against the cheaper monopoly, you need to add value. You might also have to prove TCO improvements (total cost of ownership is cheaper with you than X). Or have an ROI model (return on investment = where the cost savings are like in time, effort, CAPEX, OPEX).

Need more ideas? You should read the book: SELLECOM.

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