Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not to go Political, but...

This blog explains why a Republican VC guy is not voting for McCain. I agree with some of his points. One that he missed is that his choice of Veep probably demonstrates how he will pick other key figures like Treasury and Secretary of State - key figures that will face Big problems.

I think it is sad that we had 30+ candidates start this trip and all of them are hiding somewhere instead of backing their party candidate. It says so much about politicians in the US in general.

The fact that neither candidate (or their staff) could predict that a simple question was coming during debate 2 speaks volumes as well: Who would you pick for Treasury Secretary? In the midst of this huge economic blowback, you didn't see this question coming? How will you handle other surprises? By finishing the ending of a children's book?

UPDATE: "That train is going to hit us again," Dimon said. "We are unable to make the decisions to make this country healthy." An interesting speech from the CEO of JPMorgan Chase.

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