Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Internet Access Rates

Ma Bell released new NxT1 Internet Rates (to my customer through a direct AE):

  • 2 x T1 MIS with a Managed Router $725
  • 3 x T1 MIS w/Managed Router $1,032
  • 4 x T1 MIS w/ Managed Router $1,057

And they have a Competitor rate for 10MB for $1000 in the 22 state foot-print. There are stipulations. There needs to be a competitive situation with a copy of the competitor's quote. 36 month contract. 50 mile loop limit (add $200 for extra mileage). Available through 3T08 by calling a telecom agent like yours truly (813-963-5884). (I am not a AT&T Solution Provider. I work with a couple of them.)

Please NOTE: These rates came from a customer via Direct AE from AT&T. Once again the internal AE's have a leg up on the Channel Partners. Once again AT&T is mad at me for posting stuff that they released. I don't post stuff that comes direct from AT&T - but if an AE gives it to a customer that is Public Domain!

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