Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's All About You

This is an ad from a Free Landslide Webinar with bestselling author Jeb Blount:

What’s most important for your sales and business success? Your price, collateral, marketing, response times, service guarantees, features and benefits, testimonials, the color of your business cards, job title, territory, or latest press write up? What if I told you it was none of the above?

In this webinar Jeb Blount reveals five levers that are essential for increasing sales, creating customer loyalty, and crushing your competition. Learn strategies that will help you:

  • Be Likable;
  • Connect;
  • Solve Problems;
  • Go the Extra Mile; and
  • Create Positive Emotional Experiences.

Your customers don’t buy your products, services, prices, marketing or even your company’s reputation. Do these things matter? Of course they do, but they are only tickets to the game. When all things are equal, and in the competitive world we live in today they almost always are, People Buy You! Your prospects, customers and even your internal support team buy you and from you because they like you, trust you, and believe in you. The most powerful competitive edge you have can’t be found on your features and benefits list or in any of your company’s literature. It can only be found by looking in the mirror. Because, it’s you!

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