Friday, October 17, 2008

Home Monitoring

I get a good amount of (unwanted) PR in my piles of email. Yesterday one came in from the Z-Wave Alliance. Yeah. I didn't know who or what they were either. But they do some work on Home Security with Monitoring and Automation. The next gen house, right? Just after the market recovers in 2010. Here's some of the message:

I thought you would be interested to learn that five members of the Z-Wave Alliance will be demonstrating the possibilities of an interoperable Security, Monitoring and Automation (SMA) home solution at The Cable Center’s ‘Cable Today and Tomorrow’ exhibition. The exhibit will include Schlage connected door locks, GE lighting and appliance adapters, and Panasonic and SerComm IP cameras that operate on a single network, available as a bundled service through cable providers, for a personalized home security and control services managed through TVs, PCs or mobile phones. The exhibition opens today and will run through April 1, 2009 in Denver, Colo.

For MDU or greenfield or rehab housing these are great value adds.

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