Monday, October 27, 2008

Are You Selling Hosted PBX right?

If you are starting the conversation with "I can save you...", you are not selling Hosted PBX right. I know. I know. bad economy. How else do I get my foot in the door? Blah, blah, blah. How about being creative and memorable? It's cost more in time, effort and in some cases money, but it works. Anyway...

Here is a link to a chart that compares Hosted PBX with on-site PBX. You are selling Hosted PBX on TCO (total cost of ownership), productivity gains, efficiency, maybe eliminating head-count (or at least freeing up someone to actually do RGA. That real ROI -- it's more than savings. It's how can you turn your phone system into a business productivity tool? these are just my thoughts today.


ztiwokles said...

I have to disagree on the Hosted PBX having lower TCO. In most small businesses a modern IP PBX will actually cost less. We've made some calculators to show the costs:

Allworx TCO vs Hosted PBX

Talkswitch TCO vs Hosted PBX

Unknown said...

A business VOIP phone system can reduce your monthly phone bill tremendously compared to a traditional business phone system. A business VOIP solution can be a hosted PBX system, as well as an on-premise PBX solution. Below are sponsored listings of business VOIP providers in a comparison table.