Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where are You Going to Be?

It's the last leg of the 2008 Conference schedule. The last event of the year will be ISPCON's Fall show in San Jose in Nov. I'm on a panel with Google and doing my talk with Jack again, so how bad can it be?

How many of you will be attending a conference in the next 3 weeks? IT Expo West, One-on-One, WiMAX World in CHI, FISPA in ATlanta (again), BroadSoft Connections in Phoenix, and the boring show where they like to drink the Kool-Aid: Comptel. If you are going to any of these, drop a comment or an email or call the office. I'd love to meet you for a coffee, meal or cocktail.

I helped organize the first BarCampTampaBay. That launches on Oct. 11-12.

I may be in NYC on Oct. 20 for Seth.

A quick note to the Trade Show folks: Trade Shows Are Boring! No one goes for the VP of Marketing of anything. It's all about the Hallway. It's about the Dinner. It's about getting answers to problems and finding ROI. Are you polling your attendees to find out why they were there? Are you polling the folks who used to attend and don't any more? (Why not?)

To the DSL Resellers out there. I have probably stated the need for change hundreds of times. Here is someone else's take on it. Time to Evolve. (Trade show folks might want to at least read the title).

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