Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Help Ticketing System

How many of you have a Ticketing system in place?

How many of you use PowerCode or Freeside?

Freeside is an open-source billing, trouble ticketing and provisioning automation software for wired and wireless ISPs, VoIP, hosting, etc. I met Ivan when he came to the I4AA ISP Expo in Tampa in Dec. 2005. Now I see him at all the shows. He needs to get back to work because the WISP scuttlebutt is that he is slow to respond. Mac Dearman has a consulting firm called Maximum Tech where Freeside developer Jeremy Davis works.

PowerCode is a proprietary system for ISP billing, CRM, and operations software.

"Ticketish is a simple web-based system for managing help tickets. With an emphasis on more benefit, and less mess, Ticketish is perfect for small to medium-sized teams who need something that will get the job done and get out of the way." Ran across it tonight.

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