Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Follow Up to Free

In my last post about Free, I mentioned some of the free wireless that hasn't taken a bite out of the WISPA business. Today, we find that VZ is offering free DSL:

Until the end of October, Verizon will offer its DSL services (which normally range in price from $19.99/month for 768-kbps of downstream bandwidth to $42.99/month for 7.1-Mbps) free for the first six months to customers who sign a one-year contract and use the company’s landline phone service. ... This special offer is available to some 33 million households in 24 U.S. states, or approximately 80% of Verizon’s residential service footprint. [teleclick]

Now that can be a problem for any ISP in VZ-Land. It reminds me to remind you that it is not about Access. It is about managing a technology service for the customer.

IN an post on TMC, I wrote about video conferencing, because the hype is that video conferencing is replacing some travel. So how do YOU take advantage of that? Well, if you are providing bandwidth it needs to be at least 384k RTP upstream and better at 768k. You can offer an install service or a video conferencing room. You can offer nice webcams for sale or for free with a premium internet connection. You can lease a technician and a top-of-the-line camera to a business on-site when they have important meetings. Be creative. You are not selling bandwidth, but what the bandwidth can do for the business. Video conferencing is better than an email or a phone call.

You can also partner with me to re-sell conferencing services - web, video and audio conferencing for residual.

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