Tuesday, September 09, 2008

2 Things that May Help

Two things in the news today that can help you increase revenue.

One is that "Almost half of large companies cutting IT spending" as reported by USA Today. How does this help? Well, less IT people, same IT problems. How can you help? Managed Services like IDS, Routers, Firewalls. (You can even outsource it yourselves, but you probably won't). Also, desktop support. There are many companies, like CleanMachine, that can help you make money on PC support.

Next up is PC Makers Give Storage Startups a Boost. PC companies are partnering with storage solutions. You should too. Most folks you deal with have a PC, so be the one that helps them with data backup. (And make a little money on it). When the hard drive goes, it is like a home burning down. People lose all of their pictures. Online storage = insurance.

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