Monday, August 04, 2008

Lessons on VOIP

Rich Tehrani has a post about magicjack. He saw one of the company's many infomercials. (Someone said that Isenberg is hawking them in one!) Anyway the one thing MJ is doing is promoting VOIP without talking about VoIP. Vonage does it as well.

This ties in with why Tech Companies fail. Tech companies fail because the techies are beloved of the tech. The consumer loves what it does not what it is.

No one loves the iPhone because it is a smartphone.

People buy VoIP to save money. And since that is getting harder to offer every quarter (especially against $20 magicjack), you have to figure out why someone would want your VOIP service.

It is sold on price for a reason: because it requires one-on-one selling to actually SELL a service on benefits. Consultative Selling, SPIN Selling, yadda requires sales people who can ask the open questions, listen actively, propose the solution by reiterating the benefits of the service.

the other way to do it is to bring in an HD IP Phone and call another HD IP Phone. Or to dial from your cell and transfer the call to the propsect's phone. Or load a video softphone from a flash drive on the prospect's computer so he can have a video call with your tech support team. Let them experience the service.

Just don't talk about the technology. When you shop for a car, when was the last time they explained the horsepower or mechanics?

Sales is emotional. Make them want the experience and they will buy.

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