Friday, August 08, 2008

Email Affected by DNS Flaw

I'm not sure everyone is aware of the DNS flaw that Kaprinsky identified and flogged in the last few weeks. OpenDNS can solve that for you (if you are lazy and want to repoint instead of patch and fix).

CNN is reporting that the "Internet Security Flaw Could Compromise E-mail, Too"

A newly discovered flaw in the Internet's core infrastructure not only permits hackers to force people to visit Web sites they didn't want to, it also allows them to intercept e-mail messages, the researcher who discovered the bug said. Considering the silent nature of the attack and the sensitive nature of a lot of electronic correspondence, the potential for damage from this second security flaw is high.

UPDATE: "DNSSEC is a great answer to the DNS problem (DNS Cache Poisoning), but deploying it in an ISP environment is not a trivial task. ....Greenwood, Colo.-based Secure64 has a solution that will make deploying DNSSEC easier." Read the rest at ISP-Planet.

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