Friday, July 25, 2008

WiMax Gear

KYISPA has 2 posts that run down basically a list of gear available for people looking to do WiMax or 3650 MHz. Take a look. It includes AirSpan, Redline, NextPhase, GigaBeam, Alvarion and others plus links and answers to 3650 questions.

The FCC’s 3650-3700 MHz band requires fixed and base stations be at least 150 km from 86 grandfathered earth stations without consent, or within 80 km of three federal radar facilities without successful coordination. The rules give the locations of these facilities. Last week’s public notice is available here (pdf).
Applicants can access the Universal Licensing System web site at In order to file an application for a license and to register fixed and base stations in ULS, applicants must have an FCC Registration Number (FRN). If the applicant does not have an existing FRN, they must register and obtain an FRN prior to filing the license application. To register a station, the licensee will need to provide specific technical details, including whether the equipment uses a restricted (RS) or unrestricted (UR) protocol, the FCC Equipment Identification number (FCC ID number), the base or fixed station’s location (latitude and longitude), and other technical parameters, e.g., EIRP, and antenna height above ground.

There is no direct link to the posts, you need to go to the front page and scroll down.

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