Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Seth's Triiibe

Seth Godin has a new book coming out (Tribes) as well as a social networking site to accompany it. Here is Seth's idea:

"One of the ideas I talk about briefly in the book is that powerful tribes aren't open to everyone. The exclusivity makes it work. .... Even with just a few people in the pre-beta tribe we've built, I can already see how powerful it can be to have a safe, well-lit place on line where like-minded people can connect."

Which is exactly why people want to connect and new social networks pop up weekly.

Guidelines for the triiibe

  • Everything on the triiibe, stays there. We agree not to cross post or to quote without permission.
  • The best triiibe members are active posters in the forum and generous with advice and counsel. Lurkers... wake up!
  • It's not a promotional platform. The goal is to learn and to help, not to sell.
  • The site is by invitation only, and our moderators are free to disinvite anyone who's not making the site a powerful resource.
  • It won't work without you. Thanks for joining.

This sounds exactly like BarCamp. Everyone needs to share for it to work. No lurkers.

This same concept of "It's not a promotional platform. The goal is to learn and to help, not to sell." is a great rule for Conference Speakers. People want to learn from Peers. What works. What doesn't. We are looking for speakers for ISPCON in San Jose in Nov. If you have something to share, let us know.

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