Thursday, July 24, 2008

Selling, Prospecting and Lead Generation

I have not been blogging as often here, largely due to too many time commitments with consulting gigs, speaking, organizing ISPCON with Jupiter Media and WISPA, planning BarCamp Tampa Bay, and putting together a Sales Training System for clients.

Many of my clients have the technical knowledge, but lack some of the sales skills necessary to increase revenue. Putting up towers is fine, but you need to fill those AP's to pay for it and to get cash flow for the next tower build. It goes the same for collocation at a CO; you need to fill the DSLAM with 100 customers as fats as possible.

Since my book as come out, I have been working with service providers (CLEC's, cablecos, ISP's, WISP's, VOIP and hosting companies) to train their non-sales staff on ways to upsell and cross-sell as well as helping the sales staff develop both a Sales Plan and a Sales Process. I have been writing about these items at Marketing Idea Guy.

I have also been working with Agents on sales skills (like next week when we host How to SELLECOM: Collocation with Host.Net.

Next up will be a launch in September of a training package for your business that includes developing a Sales Plan and a Sales Process as well as a USP for your sales team.

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