Sunday, July 06, 2008

ATT Closing CallVantage?

It seems like AT&T is going to be shuttering its VOIP offering, CallVantage, according to GigaOm and Tom Keating @ TMC. AT&T has told affiliates to stop marketing Call Vantage and start marketing DSL or U-Verse instead (via, I think). Many think this doesn't bode well for Stand-Alone VoIP, but AT&T never pushed CallVantage. I use it. It is a good service that I started when it was AT&T, before SBC bought them. Last count I read was about 100,000 folks using it. The call quality is exceptional, but the RBOC's - VZ with VoiceWing and ATT with CV - don't mass market VOIP. Next year, the other VOIP Providers can fight over the 100K subs.

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