Monday, July 14, 2008

Are You the Next EarthLink?

EarthLink lost money in Muni Wi-Fi, in BPL, and in Helio. It might be making money in Dial-Up but that shrinks every day. Maybe New Edge Networks is cash flow positive. But as DSL Reports puts it:

I remain morbidly fascinated in seeing what the stumbling corpse of Earthlink (who stopped funding Helio late last year) will do next. They lost $80 million on Muni-Fi last year, BPL is going nowhere, they can't share access to next-generation broadband networks, and their dial-up customers continue to flee in droves. ..... All of these options were supposed to represent Earthlink's multi-pronged approach at countering the incumbent stranglehold on the terrestrial and wireless broadband markets, and all have failed spectacularly. So now what?
What's the latest on the Earthlink death watch pool? Put me down for October of 2008.

Is your company doing any better? Still relying on Dial-up revenue to support your flagging DSL subs? Still think that any day now, the game will change and you will get a real Wholesale rate for ILEC DSL resale?

Well, Hope is not a Strategy. So now what?

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