Monday, June 16, 2008

Conferencing Tools

I used to hold a lot of audio conferences using It kind of died down. I am looking at Web Conferencing tools to start up a webinar series on B2B Marketing, as well as Collaboration tools for a couple of committees that I participate on. (I have clients looking for Trouble Ticket systems and telecom Billing systems, so email if you have them)

Here's what I have looked at so far:

  1. SightSpeed - p2p video conf, like video chat or video phone.
  2. Tokbox - video calling
  3. vRoom by Elluminate (3 for free conf) (found it from this post)
  4. Vyew - desktop sharing

I'm interested in hearing about what you have seen or what you use.


I received a comment from a Conferencing sales guy. I rejected it because it was an unpaid ad. I usually don't reject comments. I emailed him that it was spam and he replied: "Sorry for the commercial aspect of the comment, but there is so much going on with conferencing lately, that I post a lot of them and hard to personalize them when doing so many." Now that's a company you want to deal with - we are too busy to be personal.

1 comment:

Anonymous said... died down? Actually, we are growing like a weed, and are now doing more than a billion minutes a year. You can not only do audio conferencing, but you can also do desktop sharing at no charge (using SharePlus, developed in partnership with Vyew). We will be releasing a reservationless version of SharePlus in about two weeks that can be used with our new Conference on Demand service, which can also be downloaded via the Outlook Conference Manager we developed at the end of last year. You can also send this information to your cell phone via a text message for a very low fee (45 cents) and click on the text to start your call. We are continuing to drive innovation in user managed conferencing and group communications and expect to be a leader for years to come.