Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Atlanta - Day 1

So it's time to start Day 2 of the FISPA meeting in Atlanta, but first let me relate to you the highlights from Day 1:

1) Apparently, FISPA ISP's on the BellSouth DSL Program have seen a 20%+ drop in lines in the last year. AT&T would like those DSL numbers to be Organically Grown by the ISP's. However, there will not be any changes to the current program to aid that goal. It looks like this program has MAYBE 18 months left.

2) In the CLEC session, Kris Twomey, Jason Hunt and I moderated a standing room only crowd filled with questions about VoIP, Collocation, EEL's, G.SHDSL (and every other flavor of DSL) and more. The main 4 topics and one key point:

  • T.38 - fax with VoIP
  • POTS or Hosted PBX
  • How to Roll Your Own DSL
  • VOIP: DIY or Wholesale
  • Key: What is Your Focus?

Today, Twomey will be presenting CPNI and then another CLEC hour is planned.

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