Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Marketing Through the Recession

Michele Miller is an author and marketing whiz. She blogs about 3 ideas to help you market through the recession. I'll probably repeat some of these next Tuesday at ISPCON (10:15 AM Meatball Marketing).

  1. Spend more time Retaining Customers.
  2. Give special attention to your Best Clients.
  3. Continue to build your Brand.

Not many small businesses have a Brand. Some aren't even sure what a Brand is. Simply, a Brand is the 1K piece of memory that your marketplace has of you. The impression. The word association. The emotion. Or worse the blank because they have no idea who you are.

To build a Brand you have to Identify what is Unique about your service In the Eyes of the Client. Customer-centric. Not features or tech stuff. You take that and create a message around it. Some of the best brands in the world - like Coke, Bud, McDonald's - have a story wrapped around them. When you think about Coke, what comes to mind? You want to create that type of association with your audience. Then repeat that message over and over again.

Your business card is your billboard. Your logo is part of your brand because many people can remember visually better than with just words. (People actually remember best smells). Keep those things in mind as you continue with your marketing in these challenging economic times.

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