Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An Angry Penguin at ISPCON

Here at ISPCON outside Chicago, Jack and I gave another decent showing with Meatball Marketing this morning (with some help from Alex Goldman from Jupiter Media). Elizabeth of Aristotle.net did a great job with e-Commerce and PCI Compliance. Dave Snead and Kris Twomey (with some help from Chip) did a bang up job on Privacy and regs (PCI, CALEA, and other acronymns).

So why the title? Because working as a PM in Cubeville has turned me into an Angry Penguin, according to a couple of guys at the show from Tampa. I don't know how people commute 90 minutes to get to a J-O-B to just put in the hours trapsing from meeting to cube. UGH!!!!

That thought wraps back to material from the panel. Marketing yourself by being one of the Best Places to Work. Astoundry includes this in their email sig file: Ranked #2 on the list of the Best Places to Work for in Texas 2008.

Talent acquisition (and retention) is challenging right now. Have a great workplace for 3 reasons: to easier acquire the best talent; to retain your current employees; and happy employees give better customer service.

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